[T10] Notice: The May 2015 T10 Meeting Week approved 15-075r2 for inclusion in SPC-5 and SBC-4, 15-075r3 as claimed in the CAP minutes

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Tue Sep 6 16:00:06 PDT 2016

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Subject: 	RE: 15-075r3 an approved proposal cannot be found on T10 website
Date: 	Tue, 06 Sep 2016 21:14:48 +0000
From: 	Bill Martin <bill.martin at samsung.com>
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I am still reachable here. I agree with Gerry’s response that what was 
actually approved and therefore incorporated was revision 2 which was 
posted following the CAP meeting. Yes, we should amend the minutes.

Bill Martin

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*From:*Gerry Houlder [mailto:gerry.houlder at seagate.com]
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*To:* Kevin D Butt
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*Subject:* Re: 15-075r3 an approved proposal cannot be found on T10 website

i think rev. 2 includes all of the changes requested at the CAP meeting. 
i observe that the obsoleting of ILI bit in the two sense data 
descriptors (which was specifically called out as requested during the 
meeting) is present in rev. 2.

I think what happened is that I showed a rev. 2 at the start of the 
meeting that had not yet been posted to T10 site, as a clean copy of 
updates requested during the March T10 meeting. The May meeting change 
requests were rolled into the same revision after the May CAP 
discussion. I also note that the May 6 date of rev. 2 is at the end of 
the May T10 week.

Perhaps the meeting minutes should be revised to indicate that we 
started with rev. 1 and rev. 1 as revised became rev. 2.

On Tue, Sep 6, 2016 at 11:41 AM, Kevin D Butt <kdbutt at us.ibm.com 
<mailto:kdbutt at us.ibm.com>> wrote:

Gerry, (I included Bill, but don't know if he is still available at this 
email address)

The May 2015 CAP minutes 
*6.2.8 SBC-4 SPC-5 Obsolete READ LONG and WRITE LONG except for write 
uncorrectable (**15-075* 

Gerry Houlder presented a proposal to make all aspects of the WRITE LONG 
(and READ LONG) command obsolete, except those aspects that create 
uncorrectable errors in blocks (15-075r2 
The group requested several changes (including making the ILI bit 
obsolete in a pair of block sense data descriptors). Gerry agreed to 
prepare a new revision.
Gerry Houlder moved that 15-075r3 (r2 as revised) be recommended for 
inclusion SBC-4 and SPC-5. Brad Besmer seconded the motion. The motion 
passed 12:0:5.

However, I cannot find 15-075r3. SBC-4, R.8 Revision 7(20 May 2015) , 
states "c) 15-075r2 Obsolete READ LONG and WRITE LONG except for write 
uncorrectable " was incorporated. What happened?


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