[T10] Tim Symons is the new SPL-4 editor

Ralph Weber roweber at ieee.org
Fri Sep 2 17:30:19 PDT 2016

I have just received confirmation that Microsemi has arranged to make 
Tim Symons available for service as the SPL-4 editor.

Thanks to the industry support and volunteerism spirit demonstrated by 
Microsemi, I now have the great pleasure of appointing Tim to the SPL-4 

Notwithstanding his long experience in SAS, Tim has much preparation to 
do for the SAS Protocol working group meeting on Monday, 12 September. 
This is being aggressively pursued by all involved.

An additional concern is the small number of open issues that remain in 
the SPL-4 working draft, including three change proposals on the agenda 
of the SAS Protocol working group.

The restrictions imposed by the Two Week Rule limit the options for 
dealing with these issues, but the best and most procedurally correct 
steps are being taken to handle the issues expeditiously. The goal 
remains unchanged: forward SPL-4 to First Public Review this month.

Some possible side effects of this situation include: having the formal 
SAS Protocol working group meeting time run longer than previously 
announced; as well as adding SPL-4 related topics to the CAP agenda (in 
full conformance to the P in CAP, I might add).

Although having SPL-4 work impact CAP is regrettable, it may be 
unavoidable and it is vastly superior to delaying the SPL-4 Public Review.

All the best,


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