[T10] FYI Project Proposal for SES-4 added to T10 agenda

Ralph Weber roweber at ieee.org
Wed Oct 19 06:52:50 PDT 2016

A project proposal for SES-4 has been added to the T10 Plenary Agenda 
for Santa Rosa.

12.   New Business
12.1    Project Proposal: SAS Protocol Layer - 5 (SPL-5) (16-251r0) [Symons]
12.2    Project Proposal: SCSI Enclosure Services - 4 (SES-4) (16-254) 

As of this writing, the document has not yet been uploaded, but the 
authors have provided assurances that it will be uploaded by 26 October 
in order to satisfy the Two-Week rule requirements.

All the best,


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