[T10] Head Up! A very arcane item of INCITS ISO/IEC business will soon appear in voting members' inboxes

Ralph Weber roweber at ieee.org
Thu Oct 13 10:10:59 PDT 2016

In order to speed the international processing of T10 ISO/IEC standards, 
T10 voting members are about to experience the INCITS ISO/IEC process 
for voting one something between T10 Plenary meetings.

There is no other way, trust me. The vote must be finished by 23 October.

If this gambit works, Fred will not be forced to start a total do-over 
for ISO/IEC SPL-3 and ISO/IEC SPC-4.

Later today, T10 voting members will receive a "Call for Comments" email 
with a due date of Sunday. Please feel free to ignore this email ... 
unless you believe that the T10 Chair and IR lost their small glass 
gaming spheres when they recommended that INCITS should vote to approve 
the necessary actions.

Next week, the INCITS website will be processing a 5-day accelerated 
letter ballot whose purpose is to formalize the recommendation to 
Approve (the actions). Please take the five minutes needed to support 
the change by voting in the INCITS electronic ballot.



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