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Bill Martin bill.martin at samsung.com
Wed Oct 12 09:53:06 PDT 2016

For those of you who have anxiously been awaiting the latest revision of SBC-4, your waiting is over. SBC-4r12 has ben poseted. If you were responsible for any of the following proposals, please verify that they were incorporated correctly:
a) 16-197r0 FORMAT UNIT SI and FMTDATA interaction
b) 16-201r1 Clarification of data transfer for DTE set to one
c) 16-187r1 Reassign blocks zero fill
d) 16-168r0 WSNZ bit clarification, old school style
e) 15-040r4 Simplified SCSI - Basic Provisioning feature set
f) 16-029r4 SCSI Feature Sets base requirements
g) 16-158r1 SBC-3: Response to ISO editor general comments on ISO/IEC 14776-323
h) 16-155r1 SBC-3 ISO - SBC-4: ISO changes
i) 16-159r1 isoiec14776-323 DIS comments and T10 responses
j) 16-171r3 Disabled logical block protection information
k) 15-211r4 Simplified SCSI - Drive Maintenance feature set
l) 16-198r3 Rebuild Assist for SSDs

Thank you, and enjoy,

Bill Martin
Vice Chair SNIA Technical Council
Vice Chair INCITS T10
SSD I/O Standards 
Samsung Semiconductor, Inc. 
Cell (408) 499-1839

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>      Draft_Author: William Martin
>       Draft_Title: SCSI Block Commands - 4 (SBC-4) ##
>  Current_Revision: Yes
>         Post_File: pdf
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