[T10] Reschedule of ADC-4 Ethernet Primary Port Configuration (16-221) webconference

Kevin D Butt kdbutt at us.ibm.com
Tue Oct 11 09:09:44 PDT 2016

Due to an unforeseen conflict by some key participants, this meeting has 
been rescheduled from Thu Oct 20 12:00p-2:00p PDT to Friday, Oct 14 10:00a 
- 12:00p PDT.
Four of the five contributors in the previous web conference are able to 
attend this new time. The fifth was not going to be able to attend anyway, 
so we have a full quorum of who was going to be attending.

The proposal has been updated.

USA Toll-Free: 888-426-6840
Participant Code: 4471231 

Web conference
password: T10Ethernet

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