[T10] CAP Proposal "SBC-4 & SPC-5: Add READ (232) and WRITE (232) commands" uploaded

Ralph Weber roweber at ieee.org
Thu Oct 6 04:42:39 PDT 2016

In response to complaints that the Milford CAP gathering seemed too much 
like a Tea & Scones Club, a proposal laced with controversy from pillar 
to post has been added to the Santa Rosa CAP agenda.

Titled "SBC-4 & SPC-5: Add READ (232) and WRITE (232) commands", its six 
pages of pure explosives are available from:

Those touched by a desire to expound upon the proposal's motivating 
forces will need to converse with Kevin Marks, since he was the first to 
loose an arrow that pierced the bullseye (not to mention his pithy 
rejoinder, the colorful nature of which is unlikely to be exceeded by 
any subsequent offering).

All the best,


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