[T10] REMINDER - Call for Presentations on SPL-5 at November Meeting in Santa Rosa

Michael LoBue lobue at scsita.org
Wed Nov 2 07:45:31 PDT 2016

T10 Members:

This is a reminder message… so far we have two topics schedule for presentation:

… two new concepts for SPL-5 that improve system implementation flexibility and overall robustness for 24Gb/s:
SAS Repeaters : Re-drivers, re-timers to improve reach for difficult channels
Advanced FEC : Apply an additional FEC code that protects multiple frames to improve SAS-4 bit error recovery for better channel strength, reduced retry events.

The event itself will be:
Date:  Monday November 7th
Time:  6:00pm
Place: Hyatt Vineyard Creek in Santa Rosa, CA.

The goal of this event is to have an open discussion on direction and focus for SPL-5.  As we move into the next chapter of computing, trends in Storage Architectures and media will create specific challenges for the underlying infrastructure and the SAS protocol must be architected with these in mind.

If you would like to make a presentation, please reply to Michael LoBue (lobue at scsita.org <mailto:lobue at scsita.org>).

Join us for an interactive evening of discussion, casual food and drink will be provided.

Rick Kutcipal
President, SCSI Trade Association

  SCSI Trade Association
	Michael LoBue, CAE
	Executive Director
	PO Box 29920 • 572 B Ruger Street
	San Francisco, CA  94129-0920
	Direct:  +1.415.561.6111
	www.scsita.org <http://www.scsita.org/>
	lobue at scsita.org <mailto:lobue at scsita.org>

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