[T10] Question on SPL-4 revision 8a dated 9 May 2016

Rakesh KN Rakesh.KN at viavisolutions.com
Mon May 30 00:20:11 PDT 2016

Hi George,
   I have a question on SPL-4 revision 8a dated 9 May 2016.

Under section 5.2.1 8b10b coding overview there is some details on Packet mode encoding but they refer to 4.3 section which is State machines. I think it is irrelevant and makes more sense to point SPL packet details in 5.5. Please correct me if I overlooked something.

“All primitives transferred in the SAS packet mode are encoded into a 2-bit control plus three 10-bit characters
(see 4.3.4). The three 10-bit characters are encoded using 8b10b encoding. The 2-bit control and 10-bit
characters are placed into an SPL packet payload within an 128b150b structure (see 4.3).

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Rakesh K N
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I have posted version 8a of SPL-4 that should be used to write any letter ballot comments you may have. You can get a copy of SPL-4 revision 8a at:


If you write comments keep things simple and use the following pdf tools as much as possible:

Highlight - for specific text modifications.
Strikeout  - for specific deletions if no replacement text is wanted
Sticky Note - for anything else.

The preferred way to submit comments is to generate an fdf file.

Bye for now,
George Penokie

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