[T10] SAT-4 letter ballot comment resolution status and new docs posted.

Wanamaker, Neil (Consultant - Insight Global) neil.wanamaker at hpe.com
Fri May 27 11:51:05 PDT 2016

T10 community,

As of this point, 351 of 3103 comments have not been resolved (the vast majority of the comments were accepted and the changes have been incorporated into SAT-4r5d).

Many of those unresolved comments relate to the PATA control page, which seems to have been moldering unchanged (unread?) until this letter ballot. There are some errors in this clause that went unnoticed for more than 10 years, suggesting a lack of interest in the topic. There seem to be three possible next steps:

1)      Reject them all, saying no one found fault in three prior letter ballots, and nothing has changed

2)      Spend many hours rewriting it in current T10 style, and, hopefully, not introducing many new errors

3)      Submit a CAP proposal to remove this clause entirely and replace it with a reference to SAT-3.

I'm certain that discussion of these options will be high in entertainment value.

Changes have been made to 12.6.2 (ATA PASS-THROUGH Results log page) to render it (hopefully) complete and correct, but not to be stylistically consistent with 10.2 (Log parameters).

A comment from Gerry (for which I thank him. Really.) to the effect that "why did we add INC_512 to SECURITY PROTOCOL IN if you are going to forbid setting it to one" led down the wormhole leading to the inescapable conclusion that the material in 8.12 & 8.13 (SECURITY PROTOCOL IN/OUT) and 12.5 (SAT SPECIFIC Security Protocols) not only didn't make any reference to one another, but required contradictory behavior by the SATL. I created some new comments and resolved them by means of substantive changes to both sections. Your review of these changes is invited.

There are a number of comments marked "cancelled" (so you can find them via Acrobat) that should become discussion topics.

There are one clause title and two table titles long enough to wrap in the TOC/LOT and suggestions about making them shorter will be gratefully accepted.

For those of you who have nothing better to do over the long weekend, I have posted the relevant documents for your enjoyment:

2016/05/27 11:06:19

Your request to upload a file or files to the T10 site has been accepted.

Your PDF file will be posted at:


2016/05/27 11:09:33

Your request to upload a file or files to the T10 site has been accepted.

Your file will be posted at:


Best regards,

Neil Wanamaker
Insight Global @ HPE
neil.wanamaker at hpe.com<mailto:nathan.seiler at insightglobal.net>

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