[T10] Fwd: Expect another T10 letter ballot -- this one for ISO/IEC FCP-4

Ralph Weber roweber at ieee.org
Tue May 10 06:57:59 PDT 2016

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Subject: 	[scsi] Expect another T10 letter ballot -- this one for 
Date: 	Tue, 10 May 2016 07:46:15 -0500
From: 	Ralph Weber <roweber at ieee.org>
To: 	scsi at standards.incits.org

In the confusion, the T10 Chair failed to add a May agenda item to
recommend a US response to the ISO/IEC ballot on the New Work Item
Proposal (NWIP) for FCP-4. The international ballot closes before the
July Plenary. This means T10 must act by 25 May. The only way to do this
is a brief-duration letter ballot.

The T10 IR, Fred Knight, has proposed that the following recommendation
be made to the US National Body (USNB):

"The US should vote to approve the FCP-4 NWIP, register the submitted
draft as a DIS (state 40.00), respond YES to questions 1b, 2, & 4,
respond NO to question 3, and supply Fred Knight as the contact name of
the project's international expert."

a) Fred is also the editor for ISO/IEC FCP-4.
b) The complete recommended ballot response is available in:

Any T10 member that wishes to modify the IR-proposed recommendation
prior to issuance of the letter ballot should contact roweber at ieee.org.
Due to timing constraints, it is essential that the letter ballot
proceed without changes.



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