[T10] SAT-4 Letter Ballot + double the fun

Ralph Weber roweber at ieee.org
Sat Mar 12 13:09:52 PST 2016

By now, T10 members of record have received the INCITS ballot 
notification for the SAT-4 forwarding letter ballot.

For those not present in Memphis, another forwarding letter ballot lives 
amongst the T10 Plenary's action items; this one on SES-3.

Sidebar: One of the downsides of having a newbie chair is the increased 
difficulty of making the former chair's "no overlapping letter ballots" 
rule stick. The thundering hooves behind the mountain of SPL-4 and SAS-4 
letter ballot pages don't make matters any easier, either.

To assist in planning for the next seven weeks ... The SES-3 letter 
ballot will not start before 19 March, and will not start at all if it 
hasn't started by 23 March. The hard-stop end-date for the SES-3 letter 
ballot is 27 April (As compared to 16 April for the now started SAT-4 
ballot, FWIW).

As a small (very small) consideration for this letter ballot overload, 
both ballots have a five week running interval. However, anyone who puts 
off responding to the SAT-4 letter ballot until the last minute is 
likely to find SES-3 breathing down their neck before the ink dries on 
their SAT-4 comments.

Welcome to one T10 version of "interesting times",


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