[T10] Bug in Third-party Copy VPD page

Ralph Weber roweber at ieee.org
Wed Jan 27 13:22:32 PST 2016

In the General Copy Operations third-party copy descriptor of the 
Third-party Copy VPD page SPC-5 r08 through at least SPC-4 r37a have 
inconsistently represented the size of the MAXIMUM SEGMENT LENGTH field. 
Depending on whether one reads the bytes column of the field format 
notation, the field is either 4 bytes (per the bytes column) or 2 bytes 
(per the black and white reading of the field format notation).

An excerpted copy of the table with the problem highlighted is available in:

The editorial fix is to declare the field to be 4 bytes in size and fix 
the field format accordingly.

If the field is intended to be 2 bytes, then a change proposal will be 
required since additional changes will be required to maintain the 
descriptor's total size.

Comments are hereby solicited from those who have implemented the 
Third-party Copy VPD page.

All the best,


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