[T10] Backup link for T10 Scattered Writes conference call

Ballard, Curtis C (HPE Storage) curtis.ballard at hpe.com
Mon Jan 25 09:33:14 PST 2016

I've heard that some people have trouble joining Microsoft Skype for Business (Lync) calls and that the web-app version is hard to see so I've created a backup presentation link using a more traditional meeting tool.


If you join with this link please call in using one of the phone links in the original invite copied below and mute the meeting room mic and speakers in the upper right corner.  That meeting room by default enables meeting room audio and we won't be using it.

Join by phone
+1-978-289-4114 (USA, Andover, MA)<tel:+1-978-289-4114%20(USA,%20Andover,%20MA)> (USA Attendees)                            English (United States)
+1-678-367-0003 (USA, Atlanta, GA)<tel:+1-678-367-0003%20(USA,%20Atlanta,%20GA)> (USA Attendees)                                English (United States)
+1-512-865-6123 (USA, Austin, TX)<tel:+1-512-865-6123%20(USA,%20Austin,%20TX)> (USA Attendees)                   English (United States)
+1-208-629-2920 (USA, Boise, ID)<tel:+1-208-629-2920%20(USA,%20Boise,%20ID)> (USA Attendees)                     English (United States)
+1-970-672-4888 (USA, Fort Collins. CO)<tel:+1-970-672-4888%20(USA,%20Fort%20Collins.%20CO)> (USA Attendees)                         English (United States)
+1-281-377-1991 (USA, Houston, TX)<tel:+1-281-377-1991%20(USA,%20Houston,%20TX)> (USA Attendees)                               English (United States)
+1-650-300-4050 (USA, Palo Alto, CA)<tel:+1-650-300-4050%20(USA,%20Palo%20Alto,%20CA)> (USA Attendees)                             English (United States)
1-855-493-4983 (Customers/Partners in USA/ Canada)<tel:1-855-493-4983%20(Customers/Partners%20in%20USA/%20Canada)> (USA Attendees)                                English (United States)
Find a local number<https://join.ucrtc.hpe.com/dialin>

Conference ID: 697735240

Curtis Ballard
Hewlett Packard Enterprise

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