[T10] ZAC public review: Jan 29 - March 29, 2016

James C Hatfield james.c.hatfield at seagate.com
Wed Feb 3 08:36:05 PST 2016

The ANSI public review for ZAC
 - started Jan 29, 2016
 - Comment Deadline: March 29, 2016

ITI (INCITS) (InterNational Committee for Information Technology Standards)
New Standard
BSR/INCITS 537-201x, Information technology - Zoned-device ATA Commands
(ZAC) (new standard)

The set of AT Attachment standards consists of this standard and the ATA
implementation standards described in AT Attachment - 8 ATA/ATAPI
Architecture Model (ATA8-AAM). This standard specifies the command set
that host systems use to access storage devices that implement the Host
Aware Zones feature set (see 4.3) or the Host Managed Zones feature set
(see 4.4). This standard provides a common command set for systems
manufacturers, system integrators, software suppliers, and suppliers of
storage devices that provide one of the zones feature sets.

Single copy price: $60.00
Obtain an electronic copy from: http://webstore.ansi.org/
Order from: http://webstore.ansi.org/
Send comments (with copy to psa at ansi.org) to: comments at standards.incits.org

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