[T10] Fw: T10 Document Number Assigned (T10/17-009r0)

Kevin D Butt kdbutt at us.ibm.com
Mon Dec 19 17:35:38 PST 2016

Western Digital still doesn't trust IBM. Confidentiality notice in both 
this email and the email notifying me of agenda request. 
The doc number assigned email does not have the confidentiality notice.

Do you want me to ignore this issue from now on, or do you want to know it 
is happening?


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T10 Standards
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kdbutt at us.ibm.com wrote:
> Date: Mon Dec 19 13:58:33 2016
> From: kdbutt at us.ibm.com
> To: T10 Document Administrator via web upload <docs at t10.org>
> Subject: Re: T10 Document Number Assigned (T10/17-009r0)
> T10 document upload details:
>   Document Number: T10/17-009r0
>       Upload Code: AC_05245s0owhm3ylm
>     Document_Date: 2016/12/19
>   Document_Author: Kevin Butt
>    Document_Title: SSC-5: Remove requirements from annexes
>    Meeting_Agenda: SSC - Tape Working Group
>   Meeting_Agenda2: CAP - Commands, Architecture, and Protocol
> Document_Comments: <none>
>      Other_Number: <none>
>         Post_File: pdf
> ## ----------------
> ##
> ## Do not submit documents containing a copyright statement
> ## unless you add the following statement:
> ##
> ##    Permission is granted to members of INCITS, its technical
> ##    committees and their associated task groups to reproduce
> ##    this document for the purposes of INCITS standardization
> ##    activities, provided this notice is included.
> ##
> ## If you upload a copyrighted document, with or without
> ## this statement, it will be assumed implicitly that you
> ## and your organization have given the above permission.
> ##
> ##
> ## -------------------
> ##
> ## Do not upload inappropriate material.  If you do, your
> ## files will be removed and your posting privileges will
> ## be revoked.
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