[T10] ZAC review request for changes in ZBC

Ralph Weber roweber at ieee.org
Thu Sep 10 03:37:33 PDT 2015

The 9 September review of ZAC letter ballot comments unearthed an issue 
for which a correction in ZBC is hereby requested.

The request is to change the phrase
"... since the last reset write pointer operation ..."
"... since time the Zone Condition was EMPTY ..."

According to Acrobat, there are 9 instances of the cited phrase in ZBC 
(i.e., 3 on pg 23, 1 on pg 24, 4 on pg 31, and 1 on pg 33).

The opinion of the ZAC reviewers during the conference call was that the 
replacement phrase more clearly covers the case where a drive has been 
put into use immediately after deliver from the factory and no 
customer-requested reset write pointer operations have been performed.

All the best,


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