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The definition is much clearer than the proposals to improve the definition.

Charles Monia wrote:

>>(new item) page XZ: 2.1.xx applicable standard: Standard having
>>jurisdiction over the specification of the referenced item.

>(new item) Page 12: 2.1.28 implemented: The referenced item from a
>standard is realized in the actualization of the standard. For standards
>complying with SAM, an implemented item is an item in SAM realized
>within that standard.  For devices complying with a standard (e.g.
>products), an implemented item is an item in that standard which is
>realized within that device.

The Webster definition of implemented is clear and applicable. The definition 
above is circuitous and obfuscated.

Surely if we did not think the readers knew what implemented meant, we would 
not have used "Implementors Notes".

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