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I have noted that the recently published SCSI Encyclopedia, Volume II 
(published by ENDL associates) has a multi-command download example in it that 
is different than the Quantum proposal. I don't know how it relates the the DEC 
and IBM methods, but I expect that it is different from theirs also.

I hope we don't have to go as far as defining a new download command (as George 
suggested in his message). Everyone's existing method is SCSI-2 compatible 
(which basically is vendor specific in details). We are talking about 
additional definition for SCSI-3. Everyone will probably have to change their 
SCSI-2 method a little bit to match the now-being-defined SCSI-3 method. Maybe 
a new Mode field definition that ties down the details for doing 1 command and 
multi-command downloading is needed, but a new command seems a bit too drastic. 
Perhaps the next meeting should include discussion of existing methods from 
IBM, DEC, and others so the group can get a feel for how different (or 
similar?) the methods really are.

I am sympathetic to the goal of allowing an initiator to use the same download 
utility with multiple vendor's drives. Perhaps we should look at things from 
the standpoint of defining a procedure for the host's download utility to 
follow. The insights gained here would tell us which differences in the 
existing methods are significant and which aren't.

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