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_Date: 02-15-94 07:03:02 AM
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This message is intended for Doug Hagerman (since he is the author of 94-025) 
but is distributed to the reflector for other interested parties. Doug's 
Additional Device Models document has a section on console devices (section 4). 
I have a comment about the same item in sections 4.2.3 (READ ASCII command), 
4.2.4 (Write ASCII command), 4.2.5 (Read Bits command), and 4.2.6 (Write Bits 

All of these commands return a descriptor that includes a "descriptor length". 
The text in each case says "the descriptor length value includes the length 
byte itself". It would be more consistent with other SCSI commands that have a 
descriptor length field in a descriptor (e.g. MODE SENSE, INQUIRY, REQUEST 
SENSE, REASSIGN BLOCKS commands) to have the descriptor length value "indicate 
the number of additional bytes available". This doesn't include the length 
field itself, or any fields prior the the length field. 

Doug, I hope you will make this minor change in your proposal (during your next 
revision) so that the new commands you propose will be more consistent with 
existing, similar commands.

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