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First, the following are my opinions and not the opinions or position of 

Steve Finch wrote:
>I have always found Western Digital's approach to the ATA/IDE market
>interesting and confusing.  The WD documents I have seen merge together 
>several interesting and important concepts:  more than two drives, higher
>speed transfers and CD-ROM device support.  The three are described 
>together and one could get the impression that they must be adopted 
>together.  They have succeeded in not only confusing the customers but also 
>the vendors as well.  

Yep, I agree with Steve's comments.  I'm getting all kinds of calls from some 
very confused
people.  It's one thing to distribute FUD to give your company a marketing 
advantage but 
when it is not done in the proper context, it can have the effect of damaging 
an entire industry
and this is what I think is happening here.

Steve wrote:
>I don't know how many times I've had to answer similar questions on the 
>phone....   If only WD wouldn't make its statements and make them seem like
>they reflect the beliefs of the entire industry...  But it is often hard to 
>slow down the outflow from a broken dam. 

Yep again.  I see press releases all the time from WD that imply that they are 
for the entire industry or that the entire industry has "signed up" to do 
something the WD way.
I have been very surprised at times by press releases that imply they were 
issued by the SFF
committee or an X3T9 committee and therefore represent an industry position 
when in 
reality, the press release was from WD and the only people quoted in it are WD 

I notice that WD is first up at the ATA porition of the Tech Forum next Monday 
talking about
Enhanced IDE.  Gee, I thought the Tech Forum was not an appropiate place to make
marketing presentations?  As far as I'm concerned, Enhanced IDE is a WD 

Steve wrote:
>The above comments are mine alone, and not a reflection of my company.

Same for me.

Steve wrote:
>(I'll wait for the shot's fired by WD for my point of view.  Ain't it great 
>to live in America?)

Sure is, but don't overlook the fact that a lot of people don't agree with 
the 1st admemdment any more.

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