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This is a recap of my telecon. There were 6 attendees.

i reviewed 15-117r5. i explained that the change bars reflected areas
changed by comments at the last CAP meeting -- those areas were revisited
with explanation of what change were made. We reached the end if the
proposal with no additional changes requested.

i reviewed 15-163r2, pointing out changes that were simply imported from
SPC-5 and other changes that were new requests (i.e., making VPD pages B0h
and B1h mandatory). I took 10 notes of items that require closer discussion
(more opinions needed) by the larger group before they can be resolved.

i reviewed 15-251r0, discussion ZBC SAME bit interpretation. The
controversy is around the list of zone descriptors that the SAME bit shall
be computed across. My definition reduces the "SAME bit zone descriptor
list" to only the descriptors transferred to the host if PARTIAL=1 but
would include the entire applicable list if PARTIAL=0. I believe this
reflects the desires of T10 group based on previous discussions. I believe
ZAC requires the entire defined list be used regardless of the PARTIAL bit
setting. This discrepancy need to be resolved in November and ZBC and ZAC
need to have the same desription for this feature. No decision was made on
this during the telecon.
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