[T10] Questoin about SAS SSC

Guojian (F) guojian111 at hisilicon.com
Thu Oct 22 23:19:11 PDT 2015

  I have a question about SAS SSC.
  From the attached Picture, we can see that initiator and target would notify each other TX SSC TYPE by transmitting SNW-3 phy capabilities.
  NOTE 13 - The phy's receiver may use the TX SSC TYPE bit to optimize its clock data recovery circuitry (seeSAS-3).
  Is that means RX should ensure it can receive center-spreading SSC or down-spreading SSC signal by using received TX SSC TYPE?

  So, it is possible that initiator transmit center-spreading SSC signal and target transmit down-spreading SSC signal. Is that right?

Thanks and Best Regards!

Jason Guo
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