[T10] The T10 Reflector is now run by Mailman

Ralph Weber roweber at ieee.org
Thu Oct 1 05:03:27 PDT 2015

After about 20 years of Majordomo, the T10 Reflector has been converted 
to Mailman (a very much newer technology).

Yesterday, a few participants who has slipped through the conversion 
sieve were added, and the T10.org website was updated to supply Mailman 
info in place of the old stuff. On 1 November, the first of hopefully 
many monthly password reminders will be mailed to participants who have 
not opted out as described below.

With Mailman, each participant can manage several "interesting" aspects 
of their reflector participation. For example, you can chose to receive 
daily digests of reflector activity instead of minute-by-minute updates. 
For obvious reasons, a password is needed to do this. As far as can be 
determined, these passwords were automatically generated by Mailman when 
the participant list was copied from Majordomo.

Use the http://www.t10.org/mailman/listinfo/t10 link to begin the 
process of receiving your password.

Near the bottom of the resulting browser screen, you will see a 
"Unsubscribe or edit options" button. Type your email address (the 
address at which you received this message) into the box to the 
immediate left of the "Unsubscribe" button and click the button. Don't 
worry. This will not unsubscribe you. In a clear nod to modern times, 
the unsubscribe process is much more secure than a simple button click.

After the "Unsubscribe" button is clicked, you will see a screen with 
three buttons.

  * Log in - which will be hard to do without a password
  * Unsubscribe - not desired, we hope
  * Remind - the button to click to get an email with your password in it

The resulting password email will arrive from the official T10 bouncer, 
t10-bounces. As much as this name looks like it belongs to someone who 
can bench press 1,000 lbs, he's really a pretty nice guy. (Yes, your 
local web hackers are scheming to cloak this in a more friendly-sounding 
name without breaking some nifty Mailman management features that are 
hiding behind the curtain.)

Inside the password reminder email, you will find the password and a 
handy link to use it. Remarkably enough, the browser screen behind the 
link will look much like the one used to request the reminder. Only this 
time, the password necessary to login will be right at your fingertips.

After you have leapt through the looking glass, more knobs and dials 
than will fit on one screen will sparkle before your eyes. The more 
obvious stuff, like change my password, is near the top of the screen. 
The juicy T10 Subscription Options are near the bottom of the page. This 
is where you can switch to daily digest mode or disable the monthly 
password reminder emails.

WARNING: If a button doesn't make sense, ask for help before pushing it.

Last but by no means least, the T10 Reflector archives have been 
revamped to align with Mailman.

The menu bar at the top of most T10.org pages has been updated to 
reflect the new link: http://www.t10.org/pipermail/t10/ and all the 
history from the old reflector (all the way back to 1994) has been 
salted into the new archives.

Enjoy the new T10 reflector.

All the best,

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