[T10] ATA PASS-THROUGH(32) straw poll

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What I heard at the meeting was that the original proposed approach was SATA FIS friendly.  It had been modeled after the existing PASS THROUGH command which was also supposedly FIS friendly.

Did anyone verify that?


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Just my opinion, but I don't see anything that is "SCSI friendly" about the second choice.

  *   The LBA bytes don't land within bytes 14-19, where the lower 6 bytes of LBA are for 32 byte commands.
  *   The Count field doesn't land in bytes 28-31, where the 4 byte transfer length is for 32 byte commands.
  *   Most  of the rest of the ATA fields don't have a SCSI equivalent.
Any "SCSI friendly" arrangement would seem to be completely arbitrary and therefore not very helpful. This leads me to think that the third option (ATA friendly) makes the most sense.

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I must agree that your presentation makes it much easier to follow the differences.

I should likely have renamed Control(7:0) to be Device Control(7:0) to disambiguate it..


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>It may be late and I may be intellectually lazy tonight, but that is the most convoluted presentation of material that I've seen in a while. It takes more effort than I can muster this evening to visualize each two page table and mentally find the differences.
>The attached spreadsheet is an easier way to look. (Now I see the SCSI-friendly version has the fields in contiguous order, while the SATA-friendly version has the fields in all master/all slave order).
>The attached does also reveal that your 2nd and 3rd table have a Control (7:0) field that doesn't exist in the first table.
>While I fixed inconsistent names, explaining the 'odd' Control field is up to you (I think it is a duplicate of the SCSI field).
>Grumpily yours,
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>Subject: [T10] ATA PASS-THROUGH(32) straw poll
>At the recent T10 CAP meeting, Gerry Houlder presented 15-269r0, which included a new ATA PASS-THROUGH(32) command. In his proposal, he made the CDB structure consistent with the form of the ATA PASS-THROUGH(16), adding AUX and ICC at the end.
>In general, I applaud consistency, but... the ATA PASS-THROUGH(16) command seems to have few redeeming features - it is neither convenient for the SCSI initiator or for the SATL, what with the LBAs being scrambled, etc.
>To make the new command convenient for either the initiator or the SATL, I would like feedback on which of the three formats in the attachment would be preferable.
>The first is Gerry's proposal unchanged apart from using a service action of the form xx00, as the SPC editor suggests reserving a block of service actions (such as 3000h-37ffh)for SAT, as shown in Table E.8 of SPC-5.
>The second is a SCSI-friendly structure, putting LBA and AUX in big-endian form aligned to appropriate boundaries. I have added the CONTROL(7:0) field (which could be added to the first proposal, if people wanted to go that route.
>The third is a SAT (or ATA if you prefer) - friendly structure, which may be familiar to some of you.
>I would appreciate feedback from the audience as to which of these best meets your needs.
>Best regards,
>Neil Wanamaker
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