Query regarding device's behavior

Mistry, Munjal Munjal_Mistry at mentor.com
Thu May 28 23:42:52 PDT 2015

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Hello Members,
I have query regarding the response from the device while accessing disabled
boot logical unit.
The scenarios is, device contains 8 logical units (LUN=0 to 7) and any of
them can be configured as BOOT LU. Host can access the BOOT LU by sending LUN
= 'hB0. Now, if the boot feature is disabled in the device and host is trying
to access the BOOT LUN ('hB0) by driving TEST UNIT READY and READ6/10/16
commands then what could be the response from the device?
Will it send failure response? If yes, then what could be the value of
status, additional sense key and additional sense key qualifier field?
Munjal Mistry

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