[T13] [T13] The Task Attribute (see SAM-5) *is* the precedent for zone attributes

Joe Breher Joe.Breher at hgst.com
Fri May 22 08:17:46 PDT 2015

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I indeed like the convention of small caps for the enumerated Zone Type
values. Accordingly, I don't mean to argue. However, in several instances,
the Task Attribute is indeed an attribute of a class:
[cid:2709CB47-1096-44A7-91D4-A24A7C77EDDA at localdomain]
Of course, I believe this merely buttresses your intent to use small caps for
the enumerated values of the Zone Condition attribute.
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On May 22, 2015, at 6:15 AM, Ralph Weber
<Ralph.Weber at wdc.com> wrote:
Even though Task Attribute is not a UML attribute in SAM-5, its definition
(see table 59 on 154 of SAM-5 r20) can easily be viewed as providing a
precedent for the definition of enumeration type zone attributes.
Specifically, the use of small caps for the enumeration cases of Task
Attribute (i.e., SIMPLE, ORDERED, HEAD OF QUEUE, and ACA) light the path for
the use of a Zone Condition enumeration, which is the consensus winner from
yesterday's mini email storm.
The small caps choice is further solidified by the need to define a new zone
attribute enumeration for Zone Type ... combined with the recognition that
ZBC and ZAC will be viewed as containing more consistent definitions if both
zone attributes use the same style.
Therefore, ...
Unless this posting generates unexpected levels of resistance, the revised
proposals presented to T13 on 5/27 and T10 on 6/1 will represent the 'outside
the scope' nature of elements in the Zone Condition enumeration using small
caps names.
All the best,
P.S. The author is aware of an argument that the REPORT ZONES coded values
for Zone Condition ought to be moved from the command definition to the zone
attribute definition. This interesting twist is accompanied by claims about
how the change in perspective would produce the fortuitously result that the
new (zone attribute) representation would match the current representation in
that both would use all caps for the enumeration elements. However, support
for this conceit as been tepid thus far (i.e., only one person has ever
mentioned it).

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