[T13] Zone Type ... the Missing Zone Attribute

Ralph Weber Ralph.Weber at wdc.com
Fri May 22 04:48:23 PDT 2015

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There is a zone attribute missing from the catalog, Zone Type.
Fortunately, no overwhelming justification comes to mind for rewording
anything currently defined by ZBC and ZAC to account for this omission from
the enumeration of zone attributes ... mostly because the Zone Type zone
attribute is already accounted for in the information returned by a REPORT
ZONE command. However, ...
The Zone Type attribute dramatically influences the nature of the zone
attributes that have been a major topic on these reflectors for the past 36
hours, (e.g., zones with a CONVENTIONAL Zone Type do not have a ZC state
machine and thus cannot report any Zone Condition associated with the ZC
state machine).
Unless Joe Breher objects to the addition (probably based on a UML vision of
zones that represents zone type as a class instead of an attribute), the
revised proposals presented to T13 on 5/27 and T10 on 6/1 will add a Zone
Type zone attribute and imbue it with influence over the definitions for all
other zone attributes. {Actually, anybody is free to object on Joe's behalf,
but as the person who has virtually volunteered to propose a UML model for
zones, Joe's vote trumps all others.}
All the best,

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