Integrating zone attribute ideas from T13 ZAC call

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The practice of responding inline is generally nice but in this case has
gotten really hard to follow so I’m not continuing that and in fact am
going to remove the rest of the thread from my response.
I like the concept of having a Zone Condition attribute as those of you who
read my 15-158 proposal may have guessed since I proposed something there not
too different from the topic under discussion.	I’m going to withdraw that
proposal as I feel Ralph is attempting to address all my concerns in 15-113.
In the T10 ZBC conference call where we first discussed the attributes there
was some discussion about how to reference the attributes in the text.	At
that time it was pointed out that SAM has already broken ground for us in
this respect.  In SAM the ‘attribute’ term is used in the UML content but
when referring to the same thing outside of the UML the word attribute is not
I believe we could follow that existing style and still use the short names
so using Gerry’s example below the wording would end up more like “If the
Zone Condition is set to Empty.”  In specific areas where it is critical
such as in the state machine and in the REPORT ZONES command description it
would be useful to explicitly reference the Zone Condition attribute (see
x.y.z) but in casual use I believe there is precedent for using the short
I noticed in my review of some of the attributes defined in SAM that it
appears the style is for the formal attributes to use initial caps but when
not using the formal attribute name the words are not capitalized.
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OK, so then that would lead to wording examples like "If the Zone Condition
attribute is set to Empty, then ..." or "A Zone Condition attribute value of
Empty indicates ...". Is this what you had in mind Joe?
Are we OK with having a Zone Condition Attribute and a ZONE CONDITION field?
Ralph was intentionally make the wording a little different for these two to
reduce the chance of confusing them. Maybe there wouldn't be any confusion
since one is always follows by "attribute" and the other always followed by

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