New revision posted for 15-113 ZBC: Zone Model Clarifications

Ralph Weber Ralph.Weber at
Mon May 18 03:27:49 PDT 2015

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A new revision has been posted for T10/15-113r3 ZBC: Zone Model
Clarifications which includes copying the magic table to the state machine
definition, not the operations summary subclause. See:
Actually, the cut and paste buffer went into overdrive and copied enough text
to effect a near perfect match between the "while in this state" requirements
planned for ZAC and ZBC. Also, the zone attributes ideas in 15-158 imitated
their way through the c&p buffer into the r3 of 15-113.
Suffice to say that today's ZBC call will not lack for topics to discuss.
The attention of those wishing to verify the requested consistency between
"while in this state" text in ZBC and ZAC is directed to the newest revision
of the T13 state machine proposal:
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