How to configure iscsi target parameters to allow max resiliance

Felipe Gutierrez felipe at
Wed May 6 07:56:22 PDT 2015

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Hi, I am experiencing a lot of broken pipe on my iscsi target when I try to
create a virtual machine form vmware on it. The design is like this:
vmware -> NFS -> iscsi initiator -> iscsi target
Ok, I know I am using two protocols (NFS and iSCSI), and I am not doing a
simple copy of files, that by the way work with nfs. I am installing a VM.
I wounder to know about the parameters at which I should increase to make it ok.
12.2.  MaxConnections
12.12.	MaxRecvDataSegmentLength
12.13.	MaxBurstLength
12.14.	FirstBurstLength
12.15.	DefaultTime2Wait
12.16.	DefaultTime2Retain
12.17.	MaxOutstandingR2T

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