Ten days remain before May T10 Reservations cutoff

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I am interested to see that the spelling of "committee" has been redefined in
Dallas. :-)
      From: Ralph Weber <Ralph.Weber at wdc.com>
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 Subject: Ten days remain before May T10 Reservations cutoff
 #yiv2087648009 P {margin-top:0;margin-bottom:0;}As shown on the meeting map
(seehttp://www.t10.org/meeting.htm) Western Digital is hosting a reception
Wednesday evening (6 May) to celebrate 25 years of SFF contributions to our
industry. Although Dal is unlikely to receive as much ribbing as John did in
San Diego, the SFF activities starting in mid-afternoon Wednesday are not to
be missed.
With only 10 days remaining until the hotel closes the books on its
T10-specific reservations deals, now would be a good time for the last-minute
crowd to
4 and get on with it.
Be there, or be square,

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