SAM-5 revision 20c posted

George Penokie george.penokie at
Wed Mar 25 12:43:30 PDT 2015

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I have posted SAM-5 revision 20c. This revision contains all the letter
ballots comments that I could resolve without input from T10. It also has
all the resolved letter ballots as of yesterdays SAM-5 letter ballot call.
At this point there are under 100 comments left. Depending on how the next
call goes it may be possible to wrap up the comments review at the next
working group meeting/
If you care about the results of your comments you should look over this
revision and be prepared to defend any of your requests that have been
rejected or modified in a fashion not to your liking. All the comment
details are in 15-069r3.
If you are going to write a proposal with changes that you would like to
see in SAM-5 I suggest you get it posted before the next T10 meeting.
Bye for now,
George Penokie
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