Best of Luck to a Living Legend: John Lohmeyer

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I want to bid a very fond farewell to John Lohmeyer.  John and I first
"interfaced" via the SCSI BBS.	I remember him from events such as the SCSI
Plug and Play Workshop, SCSI anniversary events, and the like.
An old example of the many things that got us to where we are today is the
following example from John's Symbios Logic days:
From: "Lohmeyer, John" <JLOHMEYE at>
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	 "'X3T10-SSA Reflector'" <x3t10-ssa at>
Subject: Latest drafts are on the SCSI BBS and the ftp site
Date: Wed, 31 Jul 96 11:58:00 MDT
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I have placed the latest draft documents (from the mailing that is going out)
on the SCSI BBS and on in the
/pub/standards/io/x3t10/drafts/* directories.  I've also rearranged the
/pub/standards/io/x3t10.1/drafts/ssa-xxx directories.  Now each SSA document
is in its appropriate subdirectory; there are 6 of these (ssa-ph1, ssa-tl1,
ssa-s2p, ssa-ph2, ssa-tl2, and ssa-s3p).
I want to extend a thank you to John for all the things he has done since he
attended his first standards meeting in 1981, and to wish him all the best in
his retirement.
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