ZBC - FINISH ZONE on a closed zone (late LB comment)

Black, David david.black at emc.com
Tue Mar 3 11:16:39 PST 2015

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In a review with some of our engineers, we found a missing case in
the FINISH ZONE command that looks like it'll involve state machine
changes.  Please consider the following to be a late letter ballot
comment from EMC (caveat - I haven't checked this for overlap with
other letter ballot comments):
The effect of a FINISH ZONE command effect on a closed zone is
unspecified.  This should not be an error, and it should cause a
closed zone to transition to full (even though no such transition
is in the current state machine) because ...
... if a zone is implicitly opened, the application client expects
to be able to issue a FINISH ZONE command to make that zone full.  If
an implicitly opened zone is implicitly closed by a zone management
operation, the application client is unaware of that zone state
change, and hence still expects to be able to issue a FINISH ZONE
command.  The result should not be an error (e.g., ILLEGAL REQUEST
is definitely the wrong answer), and the application client still
expects the result to be a full zone.
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