Please review new revisions of the fast format proposal

Gerry Houlder gerry.houlder at
Tue Jun 16 14:59:39 PDT 2015

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I have posted two revisions of the fast format proposal (15-117).
Rev. 1 includes minor changes to rev. 0 of the proposal, which was
discussed at the May T10 meeting.
Rev. 2 reorganizes the format description by creating a format operation
model clause that consists mostly of text moved from the FORMAT UNIT
command plus several new paragraphs, deletes the moved text from FORMAT
UNIT command description, and adds references from the command to the model
and vice versa.
I created rev. 2 because at least one T10 member didn't like what rev. 1
was doing and wanted this reorganization instead. I hope that everyone that
cares about the format command will review both revisions and be prepared
to support one direction or the other (or either?). Any additional feed
back on preferred direction before the July T10 meeting will be graciously

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