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Ralph Weber Ralph.Weber at wdc.com
Fri Jun 5 06:55:17 PDT 2015

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A revision of 15-113 that contains all the changes discussed on Monday (and
then some) has been posted.
Some of the "famous" additions are:
  *   the READ w/ FUA changes; and
  *   the WRITE SAME as source for initialization patterns "improvement".
More seriously, the 'zone resources', 'write resources', 'open zone
resources' has received a white-gloves review.
A cramp in my gut suggests we are headed towards a model subclause on 'zone
resources' because too much is being crammed in the glossary (even in
15-113r5) and more is about to be added. ...
Everything was going swimmingly until the gnomes with the green eye shades
stumbled upon the 'write resources' in FULL zones table footnote. In all
other cases, the 'write resources' code phrase includes 'a write pointer' but
FULL zones don't have write pointers. Needless to say, the bean counters felt
that this math is beyond the fringe.
In r5, serious effort was expended to have all the dots properly connected.
Fixing the word-by-word phrasing has been left as an exercise the reader in
preparation for the next quiz.
Plan on a full, two-hour call next Monday.
All the best,

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