Incorporation error for 14-275

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Thu Jul 23 09:06:11 PDT 2015

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FWIW The SPC-5 editor has taken a note to update the VPD pages table in 
the next revision.
Promising to do that for every revision is a somewhat more dicey 
proposition. There are some many stones to look under.
All the best,
On 7/23/2015 10:13 AM, Gerry Houlder wrote:
> I observe that the most complete listing of assigned VPD page codes is 
> in SPC-5, Annex F, Table E.15. However this table doesn't include the 
> B5h assignment (it does include B6h however). The SBC-4 editor should 
> ask the SPC-5 editor to update table E.15 to include the existing B5h 
> assignment and what ever new assignment is made for the newer VPD page 
> (will it be B7h?).
> On Thu, Jul 23, 2015 at 9:52 AM, Neil Wanamaker 
> <Neil.Wanamaker at > wrote:
>     But… ZBC is using B6h to be the Zoned Block Device Characteristics
>     page and there are drives & code using this page assignment.
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>     *Subject:* Incorporation error for 14-275
>     In the process of incorporating 14-275, the SBC-4 editor assigned
>     a VPD page code for the Block Limits Extension VPD page that
>     overlapped the Supported Block Lengths And Protection Types VPD
>     page. I have discussed this with the editor and when the editor
>     produces SBC-4 r8, he will correct this oversight by assigning
>     PAGE CODE B6h to the Block Limits Extension VPD page, and
>     adjusting the reserved codes in table to reflect the use of both
>     B5h and B6h.
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