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Dear Ralph,
I have a report and a question.
Mt. Fuji group has started Mt. Fuji9 pried.
We have two discussion items as follows.
1. Ultra HD BD-ROM command set
2. AACS2 command set
Our target is to create Mt. Fuji9 Specification that includes the above two
Then I will ask you to post new version of 10-157r1.pdf.
There is a draft meeting minutes of the 1st meeting on ftp site.
The 2nd meeting is scheduled at Redmond WA, US Aug 4-6 hosted by Microsoft.
We may need a few new error sense code around "5/6F/xx Copy Protection" for
Could you tell me where is the latest error sense code table?
Please send any question about our activity to me.
Best regards,
Keiji Katata
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