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Thank you for proposing to make the correction to the draft Minutes of the
T10 Plenary and thanks to Joe Breher for pointing out the discrepancy. Again,
this is proof that people actually read these documents!
Best regards,
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Sent: Tuesday, January 27, 2015 5:05 PM
To: Joe Breher; T10 Reflector
Subject: Re: SAS Phy plenary minutes item
I think you are correct about the error in the minutes. To be squeaky clean
about correcting the minutes,  I have drafted the following words in the
March 2015 draft minutes:
"4. Approval of Minutes - January 15, 2015 - Irvine, CA (T10/15-035r0)
John Lohmeyer noted that Joe Breher had found a discrepancy in the draft
minutes and requested that section 11.3 Actions on SAS PHY Working Group
Recommendations be corrected by changing 15-015r0 to 15-015r1 in three places
resulting in 15-035r1.
John Lohmeyer moved and Ralph Weber seconded that the draft T10 minutes, as
corrected in 15-035r1, be approved. (results of motion to be added)"
I will post the draft of 15-035r1 in a few minutes.
Thanks for finding the error,
On 1/27/2015 2:34 PM, Joe Breher wrote:
I am trying to square the SAS Phy minutes (15-039r0) with the Plenary minutes
It appears that the SAS Phy WG voted to ask the Plenary to approve 15-015r1
for inclusion into SAS-4. However, the Plenary minutes indicate that T10
voted to approve 15-015r0.
Joe Breher
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