SAM-5 Letter Ballot open until 23 February 2015

Ralph Weber Ralph.Weber at
Thu Jan 22 07:02:59 PST 2015

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The letter ballot on forwarding SAM-5 is open as an INCITS ballot until
midnight US Eastern Time on Monday, 23 February.
The SAM-5 revision that is the subject of this ballot is available from at
least the following URLs:
The same PDF file will download regardless of the link used to access it.
The SAM-5 editor has requested that comments be provided in FDF files, and
the ballot form accepts these as a file attachment to each ballot.
A 4.5 minute video tutorial about how T10 members with voting privileges can
set up access to the INCITS ballot system has been posted as:
Voting T10 members who experience difficulties with casting a ballot should
contact me at Ralph.Weber at or 214-912-1373.
My hours are quirky so the e-mail address is likely to be more reliable.
All the best,

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