What is the correct response to an INQUIRY with EVPD sent to an invalid LUN?

Chris Moore Chris.Moore at Emulex.Com
Wed Jan 7 12:26:01 PST 2015

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Looking at SPC-5, 6.5.1 says "An enable vital product data (EVPD) bit set to
one specifies that 
the device server shall return the vital product data specified by the PAGE
CODE field."
It goes on to say that if the LUN is invalid then the PERIPHERAL QUALIFIER
should be set
according to Table 138.  In my case that's 011b for the Qualifier and 1fh for
the device type.
What should follow that?   The fact that the EVPD bit is set suggests that
the returned data
should be a VPD page, not a Standard INQUIRY.  7.7.2 says the page code must
be set to 
the page code that was requested.
In the case of page 83h, says if I return page 83h I shall include
at least one
designation descriptor.
So in this case, do I return a VPD page with code 83h and zero page length? 
Do I return
a Standard Inquiry?
sg_inq seems unhappy if it doesn't get back a VPD page with a page code of
83h.  It
also seems unhappy with a page length of zero.	My JDSU analyzer assumes that
the INQUIRY had EVPD set then the response must be a VPD page.
Any guidance on the correct way to respond to this would be helpful.
Chris Moore
Principal Engineer
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