SPC-5 revision posted with all approved proposals incorporated

Ralph Weber Ralph.Weber at wdc.com
Sat Jan 3 13:03:24 PST 2015

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The first revision of SPC-5 with all approved proposals incorporated is r02,
which is available as:
The list of incorporated proposals begins on page iii. If you believe an
approved proposal is missing from the list, please notify me.
The following revisions predate SPC-5 r02 and contain the information shown.
r00 -- SPC-4 r37a with editorial changes made by the ANSI Editor during
public review added
r00a -- r00 with more editorial changes made by the SPC-5 editor, changes
inappropriate for public review
r00b -- r00b with T10/14-054r9 State Machines Makeover incorporated
  *   T10/14-054r9 was specifically approved for inclusion in the ISO/IEC
version of SPC-4. Thus, the plan is to use the SPC-5 r00b sources as the
basis for the ISO/IEC SPC-4 contribution.
r01 -- r00b with the approved proposals that remove and/or obsolete text
incorporated (think of this as the SPC-5 meets Jenny Craig revision)
We now return to our normal bi-monthly cycle of SPC proposal approving and
updated working drafts.
All the best,

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