[T10] Tape Stream Mirroring Security

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On 12/24/2015 3:53 PM, Dennis Appleyard wrote:
> All,
> During the November 19 Teleconference call on Extended Copy 
> Enhancements for Tape there was a request that I prepare sequence 
> diagrams to explain how tape stream mirroring (TSM) could be 
> controlled by a tape library using ADC commands or by SSC commands 
> sent to the copy source tape drive. The goal being to provide both 
> control and security against unauthorized copying of data using tape 
> stream mirroring. I am proposing  the following new functions.
> ADC- set TSM capable/not capable, TSM allow/prevent
> ADC - check TSM capable/not capable, TSM allow/prevent
> SSC- set TSM allow/prevent
> SSC - check TSM capable/not capable, TSM allow/prevent
> These new functions will be implemented with a new ADC command, a new 
> SSC command and two bits in the SSC Device Configuration Extension 
> mode page (page code 10h, subpage code 01h).
> These new functions provide the ability to prevent or detect a TSM 
> operation from a rogue application attempting to make an unauthorized 
> tape copy of data while a tape is being written.
> I am updating 14-268r9 (it will get a new proposal number) with these 
> changes for review at the January CAP meeting in Irvine.
> I would appreciate your comments on the sequence diagrams prior to the 
> CAP meeting.
> Thanks,
> Dennis Appleyard
> Oracle
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