Comment on ZBC rev. 4

Gerry Houlder gerry.houlder at
Fri Aug 14 10:10:12 PDT 2015

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The description of the reportable zone descriptors list is not quite
correct. it doesn't account for the fact the the zone that contains the
ZONE START LBA field value may satisfy the reporting options requirement
but the starting LBA of that zone might be less than the ZONE START LBA
value. i have a suggestion to fix this.
"...reportable zone descriptors list (i.e. a list that contains one zone
descriptor for each zone specified by the REPORTING OPTIONS field *and each
zone is a zone that includes the zone start LBA within its range or *whose
lowest LBA is greater than *or equal to* the value of the ZONE START LBA
added text is in *blue* and deleted text is *red*.
Now that the reportable zone descriptor list definition is getting more
complex, maybe is shouldn't be an i.e. any more -- it should be a
standalone paragraph that includes an abc list that defines the
requirements for an included zone.

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