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Hi, Bill.
After the meeting ended today, Ralph made a suggestion regarding writes with
a stream ID:  If you think that it might be useful to set deadlines on those
commands, it would be simplest to find a way to add a stream ID to WRITE
FPDMA QUEUED, rather than defining a new subcommand under SEND FPDMA QUEUED.
The problem with the latter is that I have a pending SATA-IO proposal to
obsolete the ICC field from SEND (and RECEIVE) FPDMA QUEUED.  That's because
the ability to send an arbitrary command with a deadline is a huge can of
worms.	The proposal to obsolete will probably be voted on in Monday's
SATA-IO call.
So the question is whether you might have a use case for writes with stream
IDs *and* command deadlines.  Let me know if you'd like to talk about this.
Thanks very much,
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