CONTROL Mode Page - Which document should I read? spc-2 or scp-5?

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Tue Apr 21 13:29:35 PDT 2015

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Subject: CONTROL Mode Page - Which document should I read? spc-2 or scp-5?
Hi, I am new in SCSI commands, so I would like a help to see if I am
understanding well these messagens.
My first scenario is at windows and I am analyzing Mode Sense (6) messagens.
With wireshark I can see that the initiator (83) sends a message Mode
Sense(6) and the target (117) respond with a message Data In LUN (Mode Sense
(6) Respond Data) and after that there is another respond from the target
(117) Respond LUN (Mode Sense(6) Good), which means the target is responding
well to the initiator. I presume.... Is that right?
14724  38.244115000	      50501  50501  iSCSI	   
iscsi-target	   102	    SCSI: Mode Sense(6) LUN: 0x00
14725  38.255535000	     iscsi-target	3260	iSCSI	  50501  126	  SCSI: Data In LUN: 0x00 (Mode Sense(6)
Response Data)
14726  38.255616000	     iscsi-target	3260	iSCSI	  50501  102	  SCSI: Response LUN: 0x00 (Mode Sense(6))
My second scenario is where I am trying to implement the code. I connect from
vmware initiator (61) ant it send a message Mode Sense(6) and the target does
not seem to respond. After that there is another message from the initiator
Read(10) LUN. Is the right?
43028  166.062627000	 60209	60209  iSCSI	 iscsi-target	    114      SCSI: Mode Sense(6) LUN: 0x13
53657  194.869915000	 25713	25713  iSCSI	 iscsi-target	    114      SCSI: Read(10) LUN: 0x13 (LBA:
0x00000000, Len: 1)
I am implementing the Mode Sense(6) - Control Mode Page as says spc5, but looking at wireshark
the SCSI CDB Mode Sense(6) says "..00 1010 = SPC-2 Page Code: Control (0x0a)"
SPC-2. I think it is why my implementation is not sending the correct message
to the initiator. Is that right?
looking at the<; I don't have access to this document
( If I am at the right path could please
anyone send to me this document?
And... if you have other tips that will help.
Thanks a lot.

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