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Kevin -
Great observation. I certainly think that BACKGROUND CONTROL has far wider
applicability than that described in 14-275. While not at the proposal stage,
I have been pondering some possibilities in that regard. There are many QoS
improvement aspects of system behavior that can piggyback upon this
While the model clause material in 14-275r8 4.32 "Background Operation
Control" is written in terms of managing (over)provisioning, I see nothing
elsewhere (e.g. the command description "5.99 BACKGROUND CONTROL command"
preventing its use for other purposes. Have you found text within 14-275 that
prohibits the use of the BACKGROUND CONTROL command to anything other than
the explicitly listed use case?
Lacking any specific prohibition upon such, my position would be that other
uses can be described in the future that might control other forms of
background operations by means of this mechanism. Such may require additional
model text describing such usage of the BACKGROUND CONTROL command -- which
is likely out of scope for this particular proposal. Though it may suggest a
renaming of this particular model subclause to something more specific to the
use cases within the proposal. Is this something we should do at this time?
Though your comment has prompted me to consider that 14-275r8 does not
include all the necessary changes to SBC - such as the addition of the new
commands to the "Commands for direct block access devices" Table 33 in
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On Apr 13, 2015, at 5:30 PM, Kevin D Butt
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Why does the storage intelligence restrict the Background Operation Control
and Write Stream to only Resource Provisioned devices, when there could be
value if it was used for both Thin and Thick Provisioning?
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