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SPC5: Unit Attention - what changed reporting
(by: Frederick Knight)
T10/15-114r0   Uploaded: 2015/04/06   178992 bytes
On page 7 of 15-114r0 ( there is a list of "SHALL" requirements 
that begins with "If a unit attention condition with the additional sense 
code set to INQUIRY DATA HAS CHANGED is established and descriptor format 
sense data (see 4.5.2) is returned then for each change in the INQUIRY 
data, if:" This new SHALL requirement will make existing implementations 
non-compliant. The SHALL needs to be relaxed to at least a SHOULD and 
perhaps a MAY.
This same issue is present in related to mode parameters changed 
unit attentions. There is a new requirement levied to return "unit 
attention specific descriptor"s for each mode parameter changed. This too 
will make existing implementations non-compliant.
The MPCDFSD bit of the control extension mode page seems to duplicate a 
portion of and conflict with the D_SENSE bit of the Control Mode page.
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