Some new faces at the T10 head tables

Ralph Weber Ralph.Weber at
Fri Apr 10 14:05:15 PDT 2015

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Several good people have agreed to join those of us who remain after John
Lohmeyer's retirement in the crucial task of keeping the T10 processes
running smoothly.
Therefore, I am pleased to announce the new T10 roster.
Chair: Ralph Weber
Vice-chair: Bill Martin
Clerk (aka secretary): John Geldman
Tapes WG:
Chair: Curtis Ballard
Clerk: Kevin Butt
SAS Protocol WG:
Chair: Tim Symons
Vice-chair: Bill Martin
Clerk: TBD (the new set of initials recently acquired by Ralph)
Chair: Alvin Cox
Clerk: Bill Voorhees
Chair: Bill Martin
Vice-chair: David Landsman
Clerk: TBD
Having done the job for years, I know how much work is involved in being
Clerk for the CAP WG, which is why I can't think of anybody to ask to bear
the burden. I have considered trying some kind of tag-team approach, but
cannot workout the details.
On the other hand, finding a "volunteer" to Clerk for SAS Protocol might be a
bit easier.
All the best,

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